Avenger Fleet Vu: Seeing the World Together

  • GREENVILLE, SC — Avenger Aerospace Solutions announces the release of “Avenger Fleet Vu”. This revolutionary set of shop glasses will allow mechanics on the hangar floor access to engineering and certification resources at our Greenville SC facility without the need for expensive travel. It’s just like having on-site engineering and certification support, without the cost.

    While using these specialized shop glasses, coordination while executing repairs, inspections and modifications will be more efficient and this leads to improved quality and a reduction in overall costs. Data can be shared between the glasses and our experts (in both directions) and allows both parties to have access to the same data simultaneously including photos, videos and necessary documentation.

    The glasses can also be used by clients with multiple facilities who need to coordinate and train as well as clients who have the need for communications between their air fleet and their home base without Avenger’s involvement. There are probably more ways to utilize this technology than space on this post.

    See the attached document for more details and get in touch with us to discuss just how your operation can use this innovative service.

    Click to Download: Avenger Fleet Vu Brochure

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